Grow your business, Grow your products, Grow together.

Building Momentum Presents:

The Garden

By allowing business, art, and making to coexist in the same space, we create a unique space that grows more, grows faster, and grows the community.

  • Co-work

  • Design

  • Fabrication

  • Art

  • Podcasting

  • Music

  • Makerspace

DIY  |  DIT (Do it Together)

We do more for the world when we tackle problems together.

The Garden is a single location for a community of technologists, artists, musicians, fabricators, and makers that come together to create impact that extends beyond just growth in their businesses into neighborhoods and the region beyond.

Current Gardeners


Gizmatic is a product development company offering a full range of design, prototype, and manufacturing services to help customers bring their unique ideas to market. They specialize in electrical and mechanical products made of metal, plastic, and wood and are also developing their own line of technology-oriented products.

Nova Bailey Consulting

Nova Bailey Consulting offers project management and consulting in a wide variety of fields including media, events, education, outreach, microgravity environments, and scientific research.

Roan Films

Roan film is a production company that provides a range of services from concept development, script writing, and cinematography, to post-production of documentaries, feature-length movies, commercials and web series.

Centered around it’s world renowned 360 Camera Rig patented technology, OrcaVue specializes in providing top of the line 360 video/photo booths, turn-key event experiences, and seamless social media activations to clients across the globe.