Albert Vega, PhDPresident

Dr. Vega is the President and Co-founder of Building Momentum. Albert received his Ph.D and Master’s in the area of electrical engineering from Purdue University. His graduate work focused on the design, simulation, fabrication, and testing of an InP based quantum-well reflection modulator. He also developed expertise with high-vacuum systems and various machining tools used for constructing specialized optical test systems.

 Previously Dr. Vega has worked in rapid prototyping and product development for the Department of Defense/ US Army Rapid Equipping Force. This included time in Afghanistan developing solutions in the f battlefield.  He also has corporate experience in the area of failure analysis focusing on lithium ion battery failure, ceramic transducer failure, and automobile electronic systems. He has over eight years of experience in optics, including specialization in photonic devices, pulse shaping, and RF photonics. He also has over five years of semiconductor fabrication experience with various device materials. He has also interned at Jet Propulsion Laboratory where he worked on a wide range of projects that allowed him to expand all his knowledge.