Brad HalseyCEO and Founder

Brad is at his best solving, or teaching others to solve, the hardest, most important, and most time-critical technical problems out there. Brad prides himself as an experienced and extremely motivated scientist who thrives at leading teams of fellow scientists and engineers to develop bespoke technology to rapidly solve critical technology problems, especially in challenging, austere, and combat environments. Brad is CEO of Building Momentum as well as Tech Garden, the non-profit wing of the company designed to create project- centric educational resources.

Brad has an extremely diverse background in chemistry, optics, rapid prototyping, and field engineering. These skills have developed from his years of experience as a Program Manager at Exponent Inc. where he supported the US Army’s Rapid Equipping Force in Afganistan and the UK. This job included recruiting, training, equipping, and deploying Ph.D scientist and engineers to war zones to create, innovate, and design novel and unique solutions for the Warfighter. Previous to this Brad spent time in Iraq working as the Lead Engineer in the Army’s Rapid Equipping Force Laboratory to develop dozens of technologies for military engaged combat operations. He was a Senior Research Engineer at SRI International where he managed and led several government technology programs.

Brad graduated from Vanderbilt University with an ACS accredited BS in Chemistry. He also served as a Combat Systems Officer, Combat Information Center Officer, Intelligence Officer, and Electronic Warfare Officer onboard USS BRIDGE during OPERATION SOUTHERN WATCH.